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The Sound of Music

Welcome to the world of Chaos. Really. I listen to everything and anything, literally.

Eluveitie | Andre Rieu | Era | David Bowie | Queen | Roxette | Rammstein | Il Divo | Mylene Farmer | SOAD | Lube (Любэ) | Beirut | Within Temptation | Nightwish | Diablo Swing Orchestra | Orbital | ABBA | Peter, Paul and Mary | Simon & Garfunkel | Placebo | Joe Dassin | Edith Piaf | Francoise Hardy | Enigma | The Chieftains | Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio | Korn | E.S. Posthumus | Scissor Sisters | Blutengel | Pati Yang |etc. etc.

Random TV Obsessions

Xena: Warrior Princess (shocking, I know!)
House M.D.
La Femme Nikita
Once a thief
'Allo 'Allo
Criminal minds
Lost Girl

Bookworm's Heaven

The Master and Margarita | Bulgakov
Wyrd sisters | Terry Pratchett
Witches abroad | Terry Pratchett
Mort | Terry Pratchett
Thud! | Terry Pratchett
Carpe Jugulum | Terry Pratchett
The Hannibal series | Thomas Harris
The Hours | Michael Cunningham
Crime and punishment | Dostoevsky

Trophy Mantle



Bits of randomness

So here's the place where The Big Questions Of Existence will be asked (and hopefully answered)
Gird your loins.

*    *    *

1. Are there cannibals-vegetarians? And if they exist, what do they eat?

2. This Universe is based on the unity of opposites. There's matter and then there's antimatter. Does that mean that therе's antimarten somewhere? And if there is, what is its purpose? What are its characteristics, its functions and most importantly, what's the difference between the antimarten and the marten? (lots of questions in this one, mostly 'cause it's shared between me and a friend)

3. Do you have to tell a blatant lie for the sake of politeness only? 



Oh, yeah... "Get creative!" It's easy to say... In fact I'm so accustomed to myself that I can't get even a spark of creativity in that regard.
So let me be my literal, prosaic and mostly silent self and keep my secrets well hidden.

Thanks for visiting:)


You've been warned.

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Gracias ; )